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Contract Process

The following items provide information on the processing of a contract for landlords:

  • Contract is processed and mailed to the landlord (normally within 10 days)
  • Effective date of the contract will be the 1st of the following month after the unit passes inspection
  • Contract and lease need to be signed by the landlord/tenant and returned to the agency within 10 days
  • Contract is good for one year and may be renewed after the first year on a month-to-month basis.

Below is a list of terms that may be helpful in understanding the contract process:

  • Contract - a legal document between the landlord and HAMC (can be renewed yearly).
  • Lease - a legal document between the landlord and family (can be renewed yearly).
  • Recertification - annual certification


There is the ability to move assistance from one place to another if a family gives the notice to move after the first year of the contract. 

A family cannot move during the first year of the contract without a written release from the landlord.