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Types of Reasonable Accommodations

The types of Reasonable Accommodations are listed below:

  • Permitting applications and reexaminations to be completed by mail
  • Conducting home visits
  • Permitting a higher utility allowance for the unit if a person with disabilities requires the use of specialized equipment related to the disability
  • Modifying or altering a unit or physical system if such a modification or alteration is necessary to provide equal access to a person with a disability
  • Installing a ramp into a dwelling or building
  • Installing grab bars in a bathroom
  • Installing visual fire alarms for hearing impaired persons
  • Allow a PHA‐approved live‐in aide to reside in the unit if that person is determined to be essential to the care of a person with disabilities, is not obligated for the support of the person with disabilities, and would not be otherwise living in the unit
  • Providing a designated handicapped‐accessible parking space
  • Allowing an assistance animal
  • Permitting an authorized designee or advocate to participate in the application or certification process and any other meetings with PHA staff
  • Displaying posters and other housing information in locations throughout the PHA's office in such a manner as to be easily readable from a wheelchair