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Rent Payments & Security Deposits

Rent Payments will be processed the following month once the contract is signed and returned.

Rental Assistance Payments are deposited into a checking, savings, or debit card account by the 5th of each month.

Each unit must pass a Rent Reasonable Test, comparing the gross rent of the unit to the gross rent of other unassisted units in the county.

Rent Amount

The HAMC may request the rent to be lowered for the following reasons:

  • The rent amount may be lowered due to rent reasonableness.
  • The tenant cannot pay over 40% of their adjusted monthly income toward rent and utilities during the first year of the contract, after the first year, the landlord may ask for a rent increase provided the unit meets rent reasonableness

The HAMC continues to monitor rents outside areas of poverty/minority concentration and will request exception rents as warranted.

Unpaid Rent

The landlord can take the tenant to magistrate court to collect damages and unpaid rent.

The HAMC will need a copy of the judgment and will refuse to place that tenant under a new contract until the judgment has been paid to the landlord.

Security Deposit

The landlord cannot charge the tenant more than what is charged for unassisted units.

The HAMC recommends the landlord charge a deposit to cover damages to the unit or unpaid rent (the security deposit is only between the landlord and the tenant).